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Ignite is sold out?!? Now what?

Ignite is sold out?!? Now what?

For the past 2 years I have been honored to be the Speaker co-chair for the SharePoint Intersections Conference with Dan Holme. This year SharePoint Intersections is in Scottsdale, Arizona, May 18-21and the line up is epic. We have Ruven Gotz, Asif Rehmani, Scott Hillier, Mike Fitzmaurice, Brian Alderman, Mark Rackley, Michelle Caldwell, and Andrew Connell to name a few.

DevIntersection is co-located with SharePoint Intersection. This means that developers can take advantage of sessions not only about SharePoint, but also about Visual Studio, ASP.NET, HTML, SQL and open web standards like angular, from the absolute best speakers on those topics.

SharePoint Intersection features great content for Developers, IT Pros, and business owners of SharePoint and Office 365. We’ll be covering hybrid, security, governance, workflow and business process automation, and much, much more.

There will be dozens of awesome presenters including Microsoft’s own Jeremy Thake, Scott Hanselman, Scott Guthrie and Steve Guggenheimer so you’ll get to hear both the “Microsoft” and the “independent” perspective on todays’ and tomorrow’s technologies, including all of the big news from Ignite.

And a Surface for Free…

SharePoint Intersection just announced a ridiculously cool package. If you register for the Complete Package, which includes the event and 2 workshops, you will get the recently-announced Surface 3, for free!

Shirley Brothers and her team work tirelessly to ensure a great event experience, with delicious food and a gorgeous venue–the five-star Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort. All that, with a price tag lower than Ignite and a Surface on your desk to build your next SharePoint or Office 365 project!

Register today at!

Another #SPC14 check list… with a different spin

Another #SPC14 check list… with a different spin


Flying at 34k feet over the midwest on my way to #SPC14 and I realized that I had not stopped to enjoy the moment.  We are once again about to dive head long into a week filled with the greatest technical community around.  This is my 4th SharePoint Conference, but the first time that I will be presenting.  Over the past 3 years as a speaker in the SharePoint Community I have found my way to Las Vegas about a dozen times now, not including my regular enjoyment trips for March Madness, the occasional bachelor party, and what used to be a semi-annual gambling trip.  While there are several blogs out there talking about what not to miss while you are in town for the conference, I hope to throw a different spin on the conversation.  Here goes:

1.)    Speed walking the trade show floor

Personally I like to do a full lap of the floor before walking up to any of the booths.  Just from perusing the floor you can get a sense of where you will want to spend your time.  If you just start at the entrance and dive in you may miss out on some of the hidden jems of the floor.

2.)    Pick up a carry around bag

You are going to get some form of bag from the conference itself, but more than likely this is going to be a backpack or a messenger style bag.  I am talking about an open top two handled bag.  Lots of vendors have them at their booth and they come in very handy.  If you are carrying your laptop\tablet around in your backpack you don’t want to have to rip it off your back every time an exhibitor gives you a piece of swag or collateral.  It is much easier to drop it in your bag and move on.  Sort through it all later.

3.)    HYDRATE

I am not just talking about drinking water, which you should do at every opportunity.  Most of us do not come from the very dry climate that Las Vegas features.  Couple with that the recirculated air of the conference center and double that up with the open smoking indoors that you find on the casino floor and you have a nasal nightmare.  Get some saline spray and keep your nose moisture laden or you will regret it.  Also, utilize the lotion from your hotel room to keep from turning into a dry scaly mess.

4.)    Note taking in your sessions

This year with the second screen experience you are getting the slide deck directly from Yammer.  Rather than trying to take notes in OneNote and correlating that to a slide that the speaker is talking about, simply use the notes field in PowerPoint and take notes directly in your copy of the deck.  This will make for a more cohesive recollection after the conference.  I tend to insert a slide where the presenter is doing their demos and take notes directly on that blank slide for the demos.  Remember that you are going to get access to the recordings of the sessions afterwards.

5.)    Pay attention

I have been very guilty of this at some conferences and missed out as a result.  You are immersing yourself in the largest collection of SharePoint talent gathered in one place.  What do you think is going to get talked about in the hallways between sessions?  At dinner? Over drinks? If you haven’t been paying attention during the day, how are you going to keep up with the conversations?  Take the time to listen and learn in the sessions and then continue the learning with your peers after.

6.)    People

The best part about being in the SharePoint Community is the people.  This is the best networking opportunity you will have all year to meet people and grow your network.  Whether you are looking to meet someone who you respect from reading the blogs, books and watching the PluralSite course or if you are just trying to meet likeminded people who are just getting started, don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect and make new connections.  Be sure that you have a Twitter & LinkedIn account so that you can expand your network and connect with the people you meet.

7.)    Enjoy yourself

If you cannot find fun at SPC, then you are doing something wrong.  There are always multiple somethings going on every night.  Keep an eye on the Yammer network, #SPC14 on Twitter, and FourSquare to find the open invites all over the place.  Can’t get in to a vendor’s party because the line is too long?  MAKE YOUR OWN PARTY.  There is a bar every 22.7” feet in Las Vegas.  We did this at SPC in Anaheim because we weren’t willing to wait on a 2h line to get into a club.  While the club party was amazing from what I heard, I wouldn’t change a thing about the night that we had.

…and on lucky #7 I will leave you.  I hope that these tips are useful to you and I look forward to seeing you throughout the course of the conference.  I will be hanging around playing Xbox One between sessions at the Atrion booth #2140, so please stop by and say hi.

Please join me for “Achieving better business productivity through Apps for Office” on Tuesday morning at 9a.  I am very excited to present this awesome topic on the first Executive track at SPC!

#SPSRI Wrap up

#SPSRI Wrap up


The inaugural #SPSRI is now in the books! When I joined the team putting this event on I had a few goals:

1.) select speakers who would elevate the event & give the attendees an amazing learning experience

2.) follow through on Chris’s goal of running the event on a minimal budget & get just enough sponsors to make the budget doable

3.) provide attendees & speakers with an fun, interactive, lively event that would be worth staying all day

4.) cross the 100 attendee barrier

5.) make the SharePint something that people wouldn’t have to leave the venue to participate in

I am happy to say that most of these goals were met & exceeded. We had a terrfiic panel of speakers (including several first timers), ended up with over 110 people in attendance with more than 70% staying until the closing raffle, and our SharePint was at the restaurant bar directly next to the venue which allowed us to retain the majority of the folks still around at the end of the raffle.

The one goal that was not quite met was the budget goal. Due to some spending choices we made we ended up needing less money than we originally planned. As a result were able to do far more than we expected for both attendees and speakers, including making some pretty awesome shirts with the logo you see above as well as help to seed next year’s event.

Thanks to everyone who put in time to make this event the success that it was.

…oh, and the deck from my session “PowerShell for the Anxious ITPro” can be found here:

SharePoint Intersections wrap up

SharePoint Intersections wrap up

We just closed out the first SharePoint Intersections show in Las Vegas and I am enroute to SPSDFW but wanted to share my decks from the show:

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 Admin in the Hybrid World

This was a very enjoyable show during which I got to sit in on a recording of Andrew Connell (@andrewconnell) & Chris Johnson’s (@LoungeFlyZ) new podcast “MICROSOFT CLOUD SHOW“. I’m not sure when our episode will drop, but it will be worth a listen. Most of the speakers from the show stopped by and we had a bit of fun with the AC & CJ during the show.

DevConnections 2013 Recap

DevConnections 2013 Recap

DevConnections 2013 was an amazing conference, as it has in all years past. The attendees are always hyper-engaged and come with tons of questions. As a presenter, nothing makes me happier than helping people understand the concepts I am covering better than when they walked into my sessions.  Thanks to Scot Hillier for being an amazing track chair and moderating the panel on Tuesday afternoon.

During DevConnections I did 3 sessions (2 of which were recorded) and a panel session (also recorded).  SharePoint Pro Magazine is selling access to all 60 hours of recorded content from the show.  You can find details about this at

I have been hearing from folks that my slides are not accessible on the site, so if you are looking for my content please look no further:

PowerShell for the Anxious ITPro

SharePoint Performance – Best Practices from the Field

Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013

Time for the second half of my crazy SharePoint road trip… See you at SharePoint Fest Chicago!

A summer of fun & SharePoint

A summer of fun & SharePoint

I am sitting in the Toronto City Airport after speaking at #SPSToronto yesterday and realized that I hadn’t posted anything about my upcoming talks.

Yesterday was a day of BI. I did Heavy Metal PowerPivot Remastered in the morning, followed by John White doing SharePoint for Business Intelligence, and then I did Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2013. The whole day built nicely and the attendees grew in numbers from session to session. All it all it was a great collaborative day of BI. I have to give a ton of credit to Eric Riz, Kanwal Khipple & Ruven Gotz for putting together a terrific day for the attendees. It was great to see the hall completely packed at the end of the day with people who really loved what they got.

Next up for me is #SPSNYC this coming weekend (7/27) where I will be giving my SharePoint Performance: Best Practices from the Field talk.

Following that I will be speaking at SharePoint Fest DC (8/5 – 8/7) & SPTechCon Boston (8/11 – 8/14).

After those two I am taking a few weeks to rest up before we put on SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire, for which we have an open call for Speakers & Sponsors.

4 conferences in 4 weeks… let the insanity commence!

Speaking at RISPUG on 4/3/2013

Speaking at RISPUG on 4/3/2013

If you are in the Southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island/Eastern Connecticut area Wednesday night (or even if you aren’t, it might still be worth the road trip… I’m doing it!) and are interested in learning about what’s new in SharePoint 2013 for ITPros, then come out to the Rhode Island SharePoint Users Group at Providence College.  In it’s seventh month RISPUG is alive and thriving, so come out and join us for a good old fashion geeky evening of SharePoint talk!

I will be presenting my ITPro’s taking the SharePoint 2013 Red Pill deck which is available on my on my SlideShare site.

SharePoint Road Show Presentations

SharePoint Road Show Presentations

For the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to speak at some amazing events, specifically SharePoint Saturday Philly, SharePoint Saturday Austin, SPTechCon & SharePoint Fest Denver.  Doing shows like this always remind me just how amazing the SharePoint Community is.  I get a chance to interact with people from all walks of life, all different experiences with technology, and all different levels of knowledge within the sphere.  Thank to everyone who attended my sessions at these events.  As promised, I have uploaded my decks to SlideShare

I am excited to present for SPTechCon Boston & SharePoint Fest DC again, and on the East Coast this time, later this summer. 

SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire is upon us!

SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire is upon us!


With only 3 days to the big event things are rapidly coming together.  The bags, speaker gifts, t-shirts, buttons, digital collateral, prizes and jump drives are all here and ready for Saturday.  I am excited for my presentation “ITPro’s taking the SharePoint 2013 “red pill” will be a ton of fun to present and should be informational as well. 

More than anything I am excited that my co-organizers and I have been able to assemble an amazing cast of speakers to come out to New Hampshire and talk about SharePoint on their own time.  We have speakers coming from Texas, Iowa, Indiana, Washington DC, and all of the New England states to share their expertise with our attendees for free. Being a regular speaker at SharePoint Saturdays for the past year and a half I take for granted all of the hard work that goes into these events and all of the people who give freely of their weekends to come out and speak at these events; it could partly be, as my colleague Mike Gilronan likes to tell people, because “Wherever there are two or more people asking about SharePoint, Jason feels obligated to show up and talk”.

I have really enjoyed helping to put this event together and am excited to see our efforts come to fruition.  If you are in the New England area and want to learn about SharePoint, please find your way up to Southern New Hampshire University on Saturday.  You won’t regret it!

To learn more and register to attend this FREE SharePoint training please visit

Presenting “SharePoint Logging & Debugging: The Troubleshooter’s Best Friend” tonight at NYCSPUG on 3/7/2012

Presenting “SharePoint Logging & Debugging: The Troubleshooter’s Best Friend” tonight at NYCSPUG on 3/7/2012

If you are in the greater NYC area and are looking for a way to put an exclamation point on a great day of geeking out during the Virtual SQL Server 2012 launch, find your way over to the Microsoft offices at the Avenue of the Americas and come hear all about SharePoint Logging & Debugging. 

Here is the primer:

Troubleshooting and debugging issues in Enterprise SharePoint farms is a daunting task at best. SharePoint 2010 provides the tools to tackle the task, but not the roadmap. Come and join us as we lift the veil on the new and exciting features in SharePoint 2010, providing the roadmap to save you a ton of time every time you troubleshoot or debug an issue in SharePoint. Reclaim your evenings and weekends once and for all by taming the SharePoint debugging beast!

There will be food and drinks provided, and a SharePint following the event that promises to be a great time.  I have even heard that there will be some other out-of-towners making an appearance.

If all of that isn’t enough to rope you in, I will be giving away a Lync certified Plantronics Voyager PRO UC.

You can also check out my deck here:

Hope to see you there!