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SharePoint Connections Las Vegas 2011 Wrap up

SharePoint Connections Las Vegas 2011 Wrap up

I just completed my 5 sessions, 3 of which I presented with my great friend Cornelius J. van Dyk, here at SharePoint Connections Las Vegas.  While here we received several pieces of great news:

1.) O’Reilly has green lit our book “SharePoint for Business Intelligence” which will be coming out in 2012 and will revolve around how you can solve business problems using SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2012, & Visual Studio LightSwitch technologies for Business Intelligence.

2.) We will be doing our “SharePoint Disaster Avoidance for Large Scale Enterprises” post conference  and several other sessions for the SharePoint Connections Las Vegas show in March 2012

3.) Power was finally restored to my house in Nashua after more than 6 days!

I had almost 450 attendees across my 5 sessions and I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed the conference as my as I did.  As promised, here are links to my final decks:

SharePoint Logging & Debugging: The Troubleshooter’s Best Friend

SharePoint Performance: Best Practices from the Field

Battle Scarred But Still Standing: A SharePoint Administrator’s Tell All

Heavy Metal PowerPivot Redux

Human Workflow with Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010

Heading home tonight and then back to the SharePoint Road Trip on Thursday to hit SharePoint Saturday Denver!

Speaking at SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast 2011 in Chicago

Speaking at SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast 2011 in Chicago


My friend, Cornelius J. van Dyk, and I will be presenting at this year’s SharePoint Connections Coast to Coast conference in Chicago held August 8-10 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. (Anyone sensing a reoccurring theme here?  Any guesses which conference we are speaking at in early November? Here’s a hint! )

We will be bringing back our acclaimed ITPro Pre-Conference “SharePoint Collaboration Bootcamp” plus presenting three sessions, “Heavy Metal PowerPivot”, “Time Is Money. How SharePoint Logging will Save You Both!”, and “Battle Scarred But Still Standing: A SharePoint Admin’s Tell-All”. We have updated all of these sessions to be fresh, current, and exciting so come out and see us if you’re anywhere in the Chicago area during that time.

We are also participating in a Speakers Panel for the Chicago SharePoint Users Group on Tuesday evening August 9th starting at 5:30pm.  CSPUG is hosting us and will be providing pizza and lively discussion.

We hope to see you there!

SPFLogger–A whole new way to look at SharePoint 2010 Logs

SPFLogger–A whole new way to look at SharePoint 2010 Logs

One of the most amazing, and little talked about, features of SharePoint 2010 is its new logging database and the power that comes along with it.  About 4 months ago I noticed a gap in the market and started talking to 2 friends of mine, David Feldman and Cornelius J. van Dyk, making the statement “I think that this would make for a really neat winforms app.”  After some brain storming we decided to take the idea a different direction and use Silverlight 4 RIA Services.

The tool in its initial beta offering is fairly simple, yet elegant.  It gives the user a very concise view of their NTEvent Logs, ULS Logs, and Timer Job Logs.  Rather than having to write T-SQL against the Logging Database’s views, we provide an easy to use Silverlight interface to quickly and easily view the log entries, complete with filtering and some basic analytics for NTEvent Logs and Timer Job Logs.

This was my first foray into development and coding, as almost all of my career in technology has been spent on the ServerOperationsArchitecture site of the world, and this was an eye opening and career life changing experience.  I got to work with 2 of my very good friends on a project that I am very passionate about, and I have been overly supported by my amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and ever patience wife, Jill, and my 2 amazing boys, Max & Sam, as I have dedicated my every waking free moment to this project.

Tonight, after 4 long months, I clicked the button to release SPFLogger to the CodePlex community.  Please go check it out and give us feedback so that we can continue to grow and evolve this into something great.  It is currently licensed under a dual license which allows for personal use under GPL version 2.0 and a custom license for commercial and closed source applications.  Basically we wanted to keep people from using our code to make money without giving some to us, but we want people to be able to use it!

The link is  We really hope that you love this tool as much as we do.